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Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator

The metabolic rate is sufficient to maintain the energy of the body. So what is metabolism? Metabolism is defined as the chemical reaction that takes place inside the living things to make up the energy that are needed for a healthy life. Therefore the metabolic rate is the rate in which the energy expands in a particular time period. I hope that now you are clear about the metabolic rate and its importance. Why BMR calculator is invented? So what can you do with this Basal metabolic rate calculator? For every living being the metabolic rate has to be in a particular level in order to have a healthy life. If the metabolic rate is pretty low then you have to consult a doctor to make fix the problem.

BMR/calories calculator

Trust me you will never wish to be a victim of low metabolic rate, and if you do, then treatment under the supervision of doctor is highly recommended. Here we would help you find the exact metabolic rate in your body through this efficient tool called BMR/calorie calculator. With this effective tool calculating the BMR is made easy. Only with some basic information you can get the data you were seeking for. This is also defined as a weight loss calculator, because the low metabolic rate will stimulate the weight loss. If you witness a rapid weight loss then lowered metabolism could also be a thread.

So it would be wise if you check this rate often with this online BMR calculator. This calculator is varies for both men and women, if you have visual to this calculator then you have seen the radio button asking the gender. The metabolic rate differs from men and women. It’s important to choose the gender before calculating the BMR.

BMR calculator for men and women

This calculator encompasses both the BMR calculator for men and BMR calculator for women. This BMR calculator for men provides the premises about the metabolic rate of men. Calculating the BMR is simple yet effective. For newbie I would explain the process and the inputs that you have provided to get their BMR.

How to calculate the BMR in metric?

I am glad that you have found our BMR calculator online, from the screen you should witnessed the two calculators that are present in our page. They are Basal metabolic rate calculator imperial and Basal metabolic rate calculator metric. You can use both the calculator. For metric calculator

  1. Specify the gender.

  2. Enter the weight you have calculated recently.

  3. In the second box enter your height in centimeters.

  4. In the last box enter your age to complete the details.

  5. Finally click the calculate button to know your BMR.

How to calculate BMR in imperial?

  1. The data you have to enter in the imperial version may vary a bit.

  2. As usual you have to specify the gender in the radio button as the first step.

  3. In the second box you have to specify your weight in pounds.

  4. Then specify the height in feet and inches in the corresponding boxes.

  5. Finally, enter your age in years.

  6. Then click calculate button to complete the process and also to know your BMR.

This weight loss calculator will be helpful for the people whose weight is reduced in a quick succession. The BMR plays a vital role in the normal growth and physical activities of a human being. So, it is important to calculate the BMR regularly. In addition, these online BMR calculators made this task very simple. These calculators will help you to calculate the BMR with simple access to the internet.

The process is carried by using the BMR formula, as the BMR formula is so accurate with the correct data. These formulas are derived from the traditional books and it is completely reliable. This BMR calculator is designed to provide the awareness to the people about the Basal metabolic rate in the body. The metabolic rate has to be in a normal level for healthy living.