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Very severely underweight = less than 15
Severely underweight = from 15.0 to 16.0
Underweight = from 16.0 to 18.5
Normal (healthy weight) = from 18.5 to 25
Overweight = from 25 to 30
Obese Class I (Moderately obese) = from 30 to 35
Obese Class II (Severely obese) = from 35 to 40
Obese Class III (Very severely obese) = over 40

Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI is the acronym of “Body Mass Index”, this is used over 100 years by the doctors to find the index of our body if it is fat or thin. With this BMI the personal trainers used to maintain the fitness of their clients. Most of the health care professionals with this BMI advices their patients about their body conditions.

This is a mathematical formula calculated with the help of the height and weight of the person. Body Mass Index calculators plays a vital role in many health maintain organizations. This BMI indicates the fatness of the peoples, depending upon the BMI we can categories the health problems.

The BMI calculators can be categorized for adults and for the children. From the name itself we can identify the categorization. If the peoples over 20 years were categorized as adults and for them adult BMI calculator were used to find the fatness of the peoples and for the peoples aged below 20 uses the child and teen BMI calculator to their fatness of their body.

A healthy body is defined by their weight appropriate to their height. From the BMI calculation we can measure the overweight, obesity and thinness of the body.

How is bmi calculated?

The BMI is calculated by the mathematical formula, peoples who were aged over 20 uses the adult BMI calculator. If the BMI indicates between 25 – 30 they were considered as the overweight i.e., obesity, their weight is too much as compared to their height. They were containing more fat on their body. Then the personal trainer or the doctors provide prescription to reduce their weight but for the peoples who attains obesity, is too hard to lose their weight they must properly follow their professional trainer’s instruction. But for some exception the athletes who have BMI rate over 30 but it’s a problem for them because they were built their muscle and it is appropriate to their height. Depending upon the age group the bass mass index calculator varies, the adult BMI calculator is used for the teens and children’s to find their BMI level.

The people with obesity must strictly follow the professional trainer’s instructions if they don’t, they must face the risk factors according to their health.

Many people have wondered about “how is BMI calculated”. The following formula shows how to calculate BMI.

BMI=weight (kg0)/height*height (m)

The healthy BMI is who have BMI level between 18.5 - 24.9. The peoples with the BMI level as lower than this normal conditions were considered as the underweight and who have higher level than the normal is considered as the overweight but less than 30, over 30 were considered as the obese i.e., obesity. This leads to many health hazards. Many free BMI calculators were present in the internet, there we can check the BMI level.

The BMI below 17 is considered as the underweight, this thing does not bring much problem but the obesity brings up problems. Most of the health professional has the knowledge to help with the BMI level. They keep track on this patient and helped them to rule the healthy life. The overweight brings many heart diseases and the common disease is heart attack. The high level of BMI brings the stress and also brings the early death. To avoid this we can manage the BMI level by proper guidance. The BMI level is calculated with the muscle content, if the muscle content is high he can gain more BMI level this is not an problem if he has the appropriate height. The formulas were used to find the BMI level of the peoples. In this modern world there is many machine invented to calculate the BMI level, they automatically calculates the BMI of a person if he provides the proper details.

Precaution to reduce weight

The peoples who have BMI of above 25, were travelling in the overweight, for them the National Lung, Heart, Blood institute advices to lose their weight, especially for the peoples who have high waist. The main thing is that if you loss a small amount of weight the risk of health hazard may reduce. The peoples with overweight have facing many diseases and it is difficult to manage. The peoples must out daily to reduce their weight and must avoid fatty foods, the fatty foods means oil reach food, meat, chicken and so on. The main key factor of the weight gain is by taking fast food. The fast food is so injurious to health and must avoid this kind of food to reduce the weight.

To be out of danger you must first know your BMI level, for that you must calculate BMI of your body. There are many free BMI calculators i.e., Body Mass Index calculators were there in the internet website, there you can refer your BMI level and then consult a health professional to help with your BMI level.

To loss the weight we must burn the calories that we have taken, for burn the calories peoples must do some physical activities or else the peoples must reduce the calories intake. If you choose to burn your calories you must burn up to 3000 calories per day to see a desirable result. The simple way is to take small amount of calories per day. This is made possible by take low calories food like fruits, vegetables and so on. In this healthy way you can reduce the calories rate. You must keep track on your diet, on any chance you must not take fried food, cookies etc., because these contains more calories and hard to burn the calories.

Then you must take the portion food, if you take the filling foods that contain only fiber, fat and protein. The fiber is highly carbohydrate and it is hard to digest this tends to gaining of weight.

We must take the proper diet to reduce the weight. The calories play a vital role in the muscle gain and in the gaining weight of the person. If he takes the proper food i.e., low calories food he can loss his weight, he can also eat the high calories but he should work to burn the intake calories.

The best examples for low calories food were oats, the oatmeal has low calories then grains, then egg white matter. For your dinner, breakfast and for your dinner try to start over with the soup this helps to digest your food and also helps to lose your weight. The healthy diet can help to reduce the weight, for every action you can burn your calories try to do some work more after if you are willing to reduce your weight.

Try to keep in touch with your personal health adviser, they can help you to go in the right way. They provide many healthy tips to reduce your weight. For the peoples who willing to reduce their weight quickly, they must exercise daily with regular period of interval. You can see the results quickly if you follow these steps regularly.

Risk factors of overweight

The high BMI brings many health problems and a variety of risk for disease like cardiovascular this is so deadly. Then the cancer is another deadly risk from the overweight. Sometime the obesity brings the early death due to some diseases. Then all you want to do is you must know your BMI level and keep track on your health.

Being weight is so risky factor, the peoples with overweight may face many risk factors. The overweight brings many disorders to our body. If the BMI level is over 25, then that must be the first problem, they were staring to face their problems right over this phase. Some of the risk factors were described below, the first problem is “hypertension”, this is the common problem with most of the peoples this means high blood pressure. In this modern fast world most of the peoples were affected by this problem. This is the starting line of all the problems.

Then the LDL cholesterol increases in the body if the BMI level is over. The LDL cholesterol were the bad cholesterol in our body this brings several disorder to our human body. When the bad cholesterol increases in the body then automatically the good cholesterol level decreases, this may leads to many diseases and considered as undesirable.

You may affect by the urinary stress with the high BMI level, this means that you must undergo diet to reduce the sodium level in your body. This brings heavy stress to your body.

This may also results to improper sleep, this type of sleep apnea brings you cardiovascular problems and this makes your lifetime shorten.

Due to the overweight you cannot lead a common life, if you are overweight then you have to challenge several health challenges. This makes you avoid certain things and activities that you have done before. This brings you a inferiority complex between others.

The sugar level in our body increase due to this high BMI level. The sugar starts to drain the human body muscles and gives many side effects and it is hard to maintain high glucose in our body. We can manage to control the activity of the high glucose by taking pills but we cannot cure this problem. The sugar level is very hard to reduce in our body.

The high BMI level brings the family heritage heart disease, the upcoming generations of our blood has our problem too. The heart disease is spreaded to our upcoming generations, this is not easy to cure or eradicate. The peoples with the high BMI have faced heart attacks, the health care organization’s survey shows that, the peoples with overweight have greater chance of heart attack.

Then if you are overweight then you can’t do any physical activity as before. It not lets you to do your work. You are physically inactive if you are overweight.


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