Compound interest calculator


a c
b d


Addition - a/b + c/d = ad/bd + bc/bd = (ad + bc)/bd
Subtraction - a/b - c/d = ad/bd - bc/bd = (ad - bc)/bd
Multiplication - a/b · c/d = ac/bd
Division - (a/b)/(c/d) = ad/bc

Fraction calculators Online

If you have problem in solving the problems with fractions, you might be in need of fraction calculators. These fraction calculators could help you to get the solution for your problems in fractions. The solution to the problem is just one click away after entering the fractions in the respective columns. This calculator makes the problems in fraction to be solved easily. Through this calculator adding and subtracting fractions are made easy. There are many mixed fraction calculator based on the user needs to get a improved access among these calculators.

These calculators could give you some practice you require to do your problems in fraction. The steps and formulas are listed in the right side of the calculator for your reference. The fraction is the exact number of parts in a certain size of thing. If there are 3 parts present in the total of 8 then it is defined as 3/8. Likewise all the fractions are the exact specification of the present parts in an object. The fraction consists of two parts one is the numerator and another one is the denominator. The numerator indicates the left out parts in the object where the denominator is the total number of parts in the object. Note that the denominator can’t be ZERO. If the numerator is less than the denominator then the answer will rely from 0 to 1.

Read the instruction below to know the functions and working of the fraction calculator online.

This online calculator with fractions will have two boxes separated by a line on the either side of the operator symbols. In those boxes you have to enter your fraction values to calculate your solution.

  1. Enter the numerator fraction value in the first set of box followed by the denominator in the corresponding box.

  2. The second values that have to be calculated with the first value have to e entered in the second set of boxes.

  3. Enter the second numerator value for the calculation along with the denominator value.

  4. After entering the value that you need to calculate you have to specify the operation that you want to perform on those fraction values.

  5. After the specification of the operation required you have to enter thee calculate button to start the calculation process.

The use of fraction calculators is termed as the one of the easiest ways to work with the fraction. This calculator could help you to validate the solution that you have figured out. You check whether the answer came to is correct or wrong by keeping this as a reference. Since there will be no step by step explanation for the problems you perform with this online fraction calculator, you have to try out the formulas that are listed on the right of the calculator to get the knowledge to solve these fraction problems on your own. Try out these problems by using those formulas then you can check your answer with the fraction calculator online. First try to solve some small fractions with those formulas as it will give you a good start. Then try out some bigger problems to test your skills in the fraction problems.

If you are using the mixed fraction calculator make sure that you leave space for the numbers you enter in the blocks. The space will indicate that is a mixed number so that it will be easy for the calculation part and you could be sure about the results you will get from the mixed fraction calculators.

Note that the calculators do not accept the minus (-) sign. If you have a problem with the minus sign calculate the values without the minus sign then after the result put the symbol accordingly based on the +,- rules.

If you have even minus symbols in the fractions than apply positive sign for the result you got from the calculator. If you have odd minus symbols then put negative sign in the solution. This rule is to be followed for the fractions with the negative symbols.

The fraction calculators online does not accept the negative symbols as in case it will make the computation of the calculator much difficult. But the insertions of symbols are easier manually so it could be done without the use of the calculator itself.

Online fraction calculators

This calculator carries the calculation like arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the fraction numbers. The fractions numbers are calculated and the result is been produced in the fraction or mixed numbers according to the fractional number. Adding and subtracting the fractions with this calculator is easier in this fraction calculator online. This calculator could be helpful to solve the problem with larger digits in the fractions. The user may get confused in the process of diving or multiplying the fraction numbers, in those actions the mixed fraction calculators could be useful.

The numbers entered in the boxes are calculated based on the formulas in the algebra books. The addition and subtraction of the fraction calculators rely on the L.C.M of the denominators and the numerators are added. The result of the calculations is produced with the numerator and denominator which is got from L.C.M.

Adding Fractions

The formula for adding fractions is a/b + c/d = (ad + bc) / bd. For eg: 1/6 + 1/4 = (1*4 + 1*6) / 6*4 = 10 / 24. By reducing the fraction we got the result as 5/12.

Subtracting Fractions

The formula in the algebra for subtracting the fractions is a/b - c/d = (ad - bc) / bd. For eg.: 1/6 - 1/4 = (1*4 - 1*6) / 6*4 = 2 / 24. By reducing this fraction we got the result as 1/12.

Multiplying Fractions

Algebraic formula in the book to multiply the fraction is a/b * c/d = ac / bd. For eg.: 1/6 * 1/4 = 1*1 / 6*4 = 1 / 24. By reducing this fraction we got the result as 1/24.

Dividing Fractions

Algebraic formula in the book to divide the fraction is a/b ÷ c/d = ad / bc. For eg.: 1/6 * 1/4 = 1*4 / 6*1 = 4 / 6. By reducing this fraction we got the result as 2 /3

Online calculator with fractions

There are many online calculators available on the web to compute the fraction problems. Through this adding and subtracting fractions are made easy in the internet. The online fraction calculators are free on the web so that users can use the calculator to compute the fractional problems in their subjects. Users could use this calculator to verify their answer with the result from the calculators. The fraction is a complicated problem so that many people find difficulties in solving them. The formulas could be helpful in solving those fractional problems. User has t try those formulas in their problem to get the solution with simple steps. There is online calculator with fraction digits more than two or more. Based on the requirement of the user the calculator can improve it calculation with more fractions. Some numbers may have three fractions accordingly. Calculating the three fraction numbers is complex and the calculators could help you to overcome your problem.

To enable the three fractions in the online fraction calculator choose the 3-fraction option then enter the 3 fraction numbers in the three separate boxes in the required field. In these three fractions the calculator treats the first two fractions as numerators and the rest as denominators. After the third fraction is solved the calculator computes the remaining two fractions in the problem. The third fraction method could give you head ache if you are not familiar with the formula of the third fraction method. The fraction could be easier if you we know the formula. The formula required to solve the fractions numbers are listed in the calculator page. The users could make use of the formula to solve their on their own. Just in case to check the results that is been obtained by the user the fraction calculator online will be helpful.

Increasing the values on the fraction could be odd for the people. Many problems that you have in your mathematics books are related to the fractions but many people are not familiar with the formulas and procedures in which the problem has to be solved. By knowing the procedures and formulas the users can easily solve the problems in their book. There are many guide lines for the person who wants to know the steps involved in solving the fraction problems. Adding and subtracting fraction with the online calculators with fractions are easy as they solution could be generated in a matter of seconds. The online fraction calculators are very much useful for the students to verify their answers with the results they get from solving the problem in their text book. The comparison helps them to find out the mistakes and to correct them.