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is what percent of ?

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is what percent of ?



Type1 : Value = (Percentage * Amount) / 100
Type2 : Percentage = (Value * 100) / Amount
Type3 : Amount = (Value * 100) / Percentage

Percentage Calculator

The percentage calculator is a tool used to calculate the percentage of the mathematical numbers that are given to the calculator. The percentage is calculated for two numbers where one number is divided by another number to obtain the percentage. The calculation of the percentage is simpler for the low range conversions like percentage of 30 in 60. The answer is simply calculated by dividing the numbers. The answer is 50%. The answer obtained by the division has to be multiplied with 100 to calculate the percentage.

Instructions to use the online percentage calculator

A set of instruction have to be followed to use the percentage calculator effectively.

  1. The first field in the percentage calculator is used to know the percentage present in the number that we give. In the first text box enter the percent and in the next text box enter the whole number in which you want to calculate the percentage.

  2. Then click the calculate button to find the relative number of the percent you have entered. Likewise you can find the relative number to the whole numbers by entering the percentage.

  3. The second field is to find the percentage of the whole by giving the relative number in the corresponding fields of the calculator. enter the relative number in the first text box and enter the whole number in the second text box, then click the calculate button to get the percentage value.

  4. The third field in this page is used to find the total amount with the relative number and the percentage of the relative number.

  5. Through this calculator you can find the relative number, percentage, as well as the whole number.

Online algebra calculator

The percentage calculator is otherwise called as the algebra calculator. This calculator came to use in the later 90’s of 20th century. The use of the calculator among the people got increased when they started to apply mathematics in the day to day life. Many high school students became desperate to have a scientific calculator in their hands. This calculator includes all the needs of the students. The online algebra calculator is mostly used by the students and the business people who need to know their profit percentage etc. the use of calculator has been increased tremendously due to the requirement of larger calculations in their field. To make the users comfortable with the calculator and to enhance the uninterrupted service to the consumers the online market has included the algebra calculator online. When people want to perform the algebra calculations the calculator is made available on the web. The website carries a number of calculators so that people could perform the necessary calculations based on the requirements of the user.

The percentage is the representation of the quantity in fraction of 100. The fraction of contents that presents in the whole is represented as percentage. The percentage is normally taken for 100 taking the whole number as 100. The relative number is divided with the whole number to find the amount of fraction that is present in the whole of 100. Consider a container is capable of filling 1000 kg of wheat in it. If the container is filled with 500 kg than how can we calculate the remaining space of the container? In the percentage view the container is half filled so the percentage of the space will be 50%. This is the formula to calculate the percentage of relative number in the whole number that is the total amount of the content.

Relative Number/Whole Number * 100

This formula is used to calculate the percentage. The formule is modified based on the requirement of the problem. If the user wants the relative number from the set than the formula is modified to provide the relative number. Likewise the formula could be modified based on the problem. The percentage calculator is desinged to provide all the necessary answers that are possibble by this formula.

Online percentage calculator

This percentage calculator is used to calculate three sets of calcuations. These three calculations are explained in below.

  1. Value = (Percentage * Amount)/100 This formula is used to find the values through the data’s we have. If we have the data set of percentage and amount, we can calculate the value with the formula. The values could be obtained by applying the data’s in the formula.

  2. Percentage = (Value * 100)/Amount Through this formula you can calculate the percentage of values that is present in the total amount. If we have the data of value and the whole amount we can easily find the percentage with the data’s we have. The value is divided with the whole amount to calculate the percentage of the value. Usually the percentage is the fraction of the values by the total amount.

  3. Amount = (Value * 100)/Percentage The total amount of the content could be calculated with this formula. If the value and percentage are available then it is easy to find the total amount with this formula. The value is multiplied with 100 and then divided by the percentage data. The whole amount will be the resulting one.

This algebra calculator online could be used to solve the complex problems. The results are shown in the alternate text boxes. The users can get the percentage of the values entered on to the text boxes. Also try other calculators in this websites. All of them are cool to work in and easy to work with.