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Student may aware of the word Grade point Average (GPA) which will decide their percentage in sort of university exams held in universities around the globe. The GPA is calculated with the marks awarded for the individual student in a single semester with the credit point of the individual subjects in the semester. Many students may not be aware of the conversion that takes place during the calculation of the grade point average because the calculation varies to each university and in a different way. The grade point average calculator helps the students to calculate their grade point just by entering the fields in the calculator. So students can make uses of the GPA calculator for each semester.

Why the Universities Uses GPA to Weight Their Students?

The grade point system came into play when the students have vast knowledge in the problematic subjects also got the same sort of average as the students who will do theory exams well but not good enough in the problematic subjects. So the universities have decided to weight the subjects based on the importance and the toughness of the subject. To indicate the priority of the important subjects in their current year of the course universities will give the credit point to individual subject which will be included during the calculation of the GPA. The higher the credit point for a subject the marks scored in the particular subject will produce high average as the marks are concerned in that semester. These credit points will help the students to have a high average in their course. This may sometimes reduce the average if the students scored less marks in the high credit valued subjects.

What Is a Credit Point?

The credit point is one which shows the priority of the subjects. For the core paper the credit point will be high and for the theory and elective papers that will be chosen by the students will be low compared to the core paper. The credit point plays an important role during the calculation of the GPA. These credit points will be added with the marks obtained by the students in the examination and is divided with the sum of the multiplication of the credit point with the marks awarded for the students in the examination. Through which the GPA will be calculated. As the credit point is added with every subject during the calculation the students should show more interest in their important subject so that they can secure good marks in their exams.

How the Credit Points Given For the Subjects

The credit points will be included with each subject based on the priority of the subject in their course of study. The credit point decides the importance of the subject and makes the students to concentrate more on a particular subject through which they can get good average in their pursuing semester.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The cumulative grade point average is one which adds the GPA of all their semesters to provide a grand total of their average secured in all the semesters. This is their total average of the marks they secure in each semester.

How Is Cumulative Grade Point Average Calculated?

The cumulative grade point is the grand total of all the GPA they scored on their board exams. The CGPA is calculated by the sum of multiplication of all the GPA by the sum of all credit points of the subjects.


The students have to look for the CGPA while they were writing their exam in the pursuing semester.

GPA Convertors

The GPA convertors are used to convert the grade point of the students with the foreign conversions. Each university has specific and unique kind of grade awarding process. These processes are included in the GPA convertors. They are capable of converting the GPA to any university around the globe. The students have to enter the required field in the convertor they will on the search of GPA convertors. Then they have to select the country region they live in to make the conversions more efficient and quite useful to know their grade. A wide range of convertors are available on the internet to calculate the GPA of the students who are pursuing different degrees around the globe. People who are having their arrears in the previous semesters can also calculate their GPA accordingly based on their universities they were studying in. they can increase their field to enter their subjects to calculate the GPA as well as the CGPA of their marks. These marks are based on the grade they have in their exam. These grades are specific for each university they may fix various grade accordingly to their vision. Some of the universities uses .67 or .33 step for more precisions, though these difference do not affect the marks scored by an individual student in the university.

Weighted GPA

Some schools in the United States use .5 steps to calculate their grade though these steps may be less accurate then the other ones. So the grades like A-, B+ are merely considered as A+. And sometimes they may be converted to 4.33 or 4.3 points. The drawback of this system is many universities do not have A+ grade in their chart. This is common in high school and some of them may give some extra points to advanced placement class. Hence, the GPA could reach high as 5. And this is KNOWN as WEIGHTED GPA. However an unweighted GPA will be converted on 4 grade points and this will transcript the weighted GPA system. So they un weighted GPA will be ignored by most of the schools and universities in the United States.


The GPA system could be useful for the students who are strong in the core subjects and in mathematics paper and this will help them to score a high grade accordingly based on their performance in the university exams. If they improve their GPA it will help them to get high CGPA in the finishing semester. As the students know their important subjects in their pursuing semester they can concentrate on their main subjects then the other less important subjects. The GPA system will help the student to improve the grade and it makes them to concentrate and learn the essential things that they have to learn during their semesters. This will give knowledge to the students in their study relevant subjects and they can practically apply this in their future.

Demerits Of The Gpa System

As well as the merits in the GPA system there are some demerits in this system which will affect the students who is capable of scoring good marks in the theory subjects. Some people may be strong in their theory subjects and scores good marks in the theory subject alone so they will be affected with this system as they credit for the theory will be low as compared to the core or mathematical subject in their semester or school. As the credit points are low to the theory subjects their scoring of GPA will be low in their semester. Some of the students mainly concentrate in the subjects with huge credit points and simply ignore the theory subjects thinking that they pass it with no effort. Some of them may get arrears in those subjects as they will not be aware of the cautions that will be given in those exams.

Points To Be Noted While Converting Your Gpa

This calculator allows us to compute the retaking of a course with new grade to replace the original one in the table. We should keep in mind that if we take a course we should not list the course with the Cumulative Grade Point if it does happens the calculator will add the new course. To calculate your GPA the numbers of steps have to be carried out during this process. First of all we have to enter all the fields in the calculator to set the calculator in an calculating mode so that the output to the GPA will be shown to the student in ease. The marks awarded to the student in the board exam have to be entered in the subject field with the credit points of the course that will be awarded to the student in the board exams. If there are a number of exams ahead over the calculator range a certain no of fields can be added to the rows to make an efficient use of this calculator. After entering all the fields in the calculator we are one click away from the result. Simply click the calculate button to start the conversion. The result will be shown on the side screen.

If the under grades like W, E, C are included in the calculator the calculator will not take those grade point in the calculation of the GPA. We have to mention the grade that is not countable in the GPA conversion.

Points To Be Noted While Converting Your Cgpa

Remember that we should calculate the current semesters GPA fist before we covert the CGPA. As we know that the cumulative grade point is one which is the sum of all the grade points in the table of the universities. So the efficient conversion of CGPA will be based on the GPA conversion that we do before the CGPA. These grade points may be an offset to the studying environment of the students still it is required to improve the standard of the student in all perspective.

How Could This System Be Improved In Feature

Nowadays most of the universities around the globe is using this method to calculate the grade point of the student. The student could make the system more effective if they use this system in an effective way. The universities should try to change to change the system in a more effective way to make the students stick with the basics of their subject so that they can use improve their standard in a knowledge perspective. It would be ideal if this calculation grade point average is made easy to the people who have to face this conversion in the education throughout. These charts could be over written if another system is used to calculate the student’s grade point average. The marks of the students are the key to their carrier in their life so the system should be changed accordingly based on the change in the education system.

Uses Of Grade Point Average Calculator

Grade point average calculator makes the conversion of the GPA easy to the students who want to know the average in the board exams. As this conversions is open in the internet everyone can get chance to use this sort of calculators across the globe. The phenomenal thing is that these conversions can be done in free of cost through the internet. The students only have to enter the required fields in the calculator and know the credit point in their subjects to make conversion correctly. These calculations are made easy by these calculators. As people had difficulties in the conversion of the cumulative GPA in their final year of course. Since the CGPA conversion can be done in this type of calculators the students can use this calculator throughout their course.