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Age Calculator

The age calculator is a tool used to calculate your age exactly. This calculator is accurate with every second of your age. To know your or some one’s age and to find the difference in the age of the people you can use this age calculator. Our tool will be helpful for you in all perspectives to calculate the age of a person.

More interesting facts about our age calculator is that it also helps you to find out the oxygen you breathed and it also calculates the dreams u dreamt in your life time. These calculations are based on the average count given by the experts in this business. More exiting feature is the cell count of this calculator. This cool gadget is available free online to make the calculator accessible by all the people.

If you want to know about all the details since you have born we will help you find the facts you never know about your life. Guess how many out there know about their dead cells in their body and the amount of cells born in their body. These are some interesting facts that could be never known in your life. This age calculator could be used to find the difference in the age of the people.

How to calculate age with this calculator?

  1. The age calculator will calculate the correct age only if the data’s given to the calculator is correct. Correct in the sense the fields in the calculator have to be given with correct data’s.

  2. In the first field of the calculator enter the year in which you had born.

  3. Then in the next field you have select month from the drop down month list.

  4. Finally select the date in which you have born to complete the required field.

  5. To calculate your age in months, hours and minutes perspective click the submit button at the bottom of the calculator.

  6. Your age will be displayed at the right side of the screen, along with the number of hours, minutes, seconds that you have spent on the earth.

  7. Other than that you can get to know the oxygen you consumed in your life time, cell born and dead in your body will be calculated by this calculator as an attractive point in this calculator.

I use to calculate my age with this calculator; it is really make me excited to know the facts about me. Gosh! Really I didn’t know these things before I tried this age calculator. I wonder how many of you about these interesting facts about you.

Online age difference calculator

This cool gadget is available in online for the free use of the consumers. It will help them to know their exact age and the difference between their ages with someone else. These online age calculator are helpful for people to know their age and that too is free for use. The calculator is range is convincible so that people born on different years could also use this calculator. Calculate your age and know how many hours or minutes you are ahead with your lovable person. Try the other calculators if you intend. Those entire calculators will be useful if you use it accordingly.

Formula’s used in this calculator

Our developers used certain formula’s to calculate the age, hours, minutes and seconds corresponding to the date you have entered in the calculator. Let me explain the formula’s for your reference. You could use this formula in your real time to impress your friends. And make wonder how you did this!

To calculate the age

Our calculator first finds the difference between the current date and the date you have entered on to the calculator. Then it uses difference to calculate your age.

The formula used to calculate the age is

Age= $diff->y." years, “$diff->m." months and ". $diff->d." days

This formula is used to calculate the age of person in terms of years, days, hours and minutes.

The difference of your date of birth is taken as y and it is used to calculate your age.

To calculate the days your living in this world the calculator takes the DOB for reference and calculates is by using the formula to calculate your days.

Tot days= $diff->days;

To calculate your hours of presence the following formula is used.

Hours= $diff->days * 24;

This is used to determine the hours of your life.

Even minutes are calculated by this calculator. It uses the formula.

Minutes = $diff->days * 24 * 60;

The formula used to calculate the seconds of your presence the calculator uses this formula.

Seconds = $diff->days * 24 * 60 * 60;

This calculator is an efficient tool to calculate the age of the person with the data’s they enter in to the calculator. Find you age and days of your living with this calculator.