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The loan calculator is a tool which is used to calculate the EMI of loan of an individual person based on his standard to return the money in terms of installments. Taking a loan is an individual option and he has lots of choices to choose from. The loan may be from a bank, finance, vehicle type. And the EMI calculated during the initial stage of the loan may be incorrect and the victims cannot hold on to that EMI as the circumstance keeps on changing in their life.

Rather than making some absolute decisions in his EMI the consumer is advised to calculate the number of options that are available to make the EMI those suites for him. These sorts of EMI calculations are carried by the LOAN calculator. Through which the consumer can calculate his EMI and make necessary decisions based the results that have been shown.

Another option to the consumer is to get the knowledge from the auto deals in their environment to make sure the EMI does not exceed the limit of the individual. The EMI should be manageable by the individual so that he can run his family. The information from the auto dealers are may be useful to the consumer. The consumer has to find an ideal auto in his area to avail the chance of getting a trusted plan.

Loan calculators are designed in order to make the process much easier to the people. Most of the interest and the application process of the many Indian banks are gathered in the loan calculator. The rates that the banks are fixing in terms of the home loans, education loan, personal loan etc are included in the processing of the loan calculator.

How to work with the LOAN calculator

The loan calculator is very easy to access and to perform calculations. You use this calculator to guide you before you avail for loan. This loan calculator will guide you to know that how affordable a loan could be in terms of EMI. You can use this calculator to get a note on your EMI in any sort of loans. The calculator functions in a simple way. You have to enter all the fields that are necessary to calculate the EMI of the loan. Follow these instruction to know your EMI of the loan to start the repayment of your in a affordable way.

There are many loan calculators are available on the web. This could be easily found by the consumers. Visit the Google page and start your search for the loan calculator. A number of related links would be available in which you can choose any one according your whish.

The working of the calculator is so simple and requires only some of the fields to be entered on it.

  1. First you have to enter the amount that you have borrowed from a concern.

  2. Then you have to enter the time of your loan in months.

  3. Then you have to initialize the interest that you to pay for your loan.

  4. Then simply click the calculate button to get the EMI of your loan.

The information you will get along with your EMI

The loan calculator also calculates various things with your EMI amount per month. The calculator will brings you the total amount that you have pay with the interest. The flat interest and the total interest of the loan is also been calculated by the calculator to give more information’s to the users of the calculator to avail that the user should not get any complexities during the payment of the loan. The loan calculator also calculates the total interest that you have to pay for a year. This interest rate will help the consumer to know the growth of his loan per year.

If the consumer thinks that the EMI calculated by the calculator is bit greater than the user could manage the consumer could recalculate the loan amount to know the EMI that he could afford. The consumer have to enter a long tenure in the calculator to reduce the EMI rate per month which help them to plan the finishing of the loan in a long term yet in an affordable manner.

The loan calculator could help the consumer to gain knowledge about the loan interest that various banks is offering to the people the people could make a look at the variety of options that they will get from the loan calculator. For example the user could compare the EMI they get from the bank A with the EMI they will get from the bank B. from the comparison with the banks that are available the user will grab an idea about the interest rate that they have pay on returning he loan they will secure from the bank for their personal needs. The calculator stores all the rates and application process that most of the banks carry to pursue their loan option to the people.

The points should be noted before cracking a loan

In today’s world the banks are offering many polices to attract the consumers all around. To make a deal with the bank people should conscious about these points that are given below.

Different kinds of loan those are available

Many kinds of loans are available in the market which includes the educational loan, home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan etc,

Educational loan

The educational loan is offered to a student in terms of his qualification and the educational need of the student. Many banks out there provide the loan with interest to the students which they have to return after finishing their degree in a certain period of time. The loan amount given by the bank may low that may be in thousands but with the interest the loan will turn into double the money that has been barrowed by the consumer. So it is necessary for the consumer to plan the returning amount in a month so that the loan could be over in a matter of years. In this place the loan calculator came in to act. The students can calculate the EMI they have to pay to finish of the loan soon as possible.

Loan calculator calculates the amount and time of the re payment of the loan in a certain period of time.

Home loan

Most of the middle class people desire is to have house. Since their financial standard do not permit them to spend that much of money during the low income period. So many people decide to buy a loan to build their house. This sort of decision is taken in belief of the loan provider usually the banks. The make many plans to help the people to achieve their goals ensuring the people that there will be a low EMI for the return of the loan. While the loan is been sanctioned the loan amount principle would be smaller. As the interest will starts to grow in a matter of years. The consumer’s best option is to plan the returning of the loan in an effective way. For that the loan calculator will come in handy to the people to calculate the best EMI option for the people.

Vehicle loan

The vehicle loans are taken by the people to have their desired vehicle according to their wish. The repayment of the loan that they bought for the vehicle could be much difficult if the rates targeted by the concerns are not achieved they could cheese the vehicle for the remaining of the loan. So it necessary for the consumer to make note of the EMI that have to be returned to the private concerns. The loan calculator helps the consumer who has bought the vehicle loan in terms of EMI.

Compare the EMI’s of different banks

Before we make the decision of cracking a loan from a private concern we should be aware of the loan that we have to return in terms of EMI’s to the bank. We have to make sure that the EMI is affordable to us so there could be no confusions occur during the repayment of the loan.

Interest of the banks and market rate

The market rate of the interest should be noted by the consumer to make sure that he pays only fewer amounts in the name of interest to the banks. The comparison of loan amount and the interest rate in the market is more important so that we can make a good decision while we apply for the loan. Every bank out there offers different rate of interest to education loan and home loans so it is necessary to know the interest rate that were offered by different concerns in the market.


This could be the most important factors that the consumer should keep an eye on while he thinks of a loan for a vehicle or home. This is because the returning of the loan in terms of years of repayment. The longer the time period of the repayment of loan the higher will be the interest secured from the consumer and the EMI of the consumer that he have to pay in monthly terms will also be high. It is one of the important parameters that the banks keep in mind and increases the interest rate to give more time to the consumer. So it necessary to the consumer to make sure that the tenure is low for a loan and also with small EMI rates.

Processing fee, pre-payment and administrative charges

The borrower should remember that their loan also carries some additional charges along with the interest of their loan which may include the processing fee and the pre-payment charges. These charges may vary from 1 to 2% based on the amount of loan that has been sanctioned by the bank. So it is advisable for the consumers to take loan which has no plenty on the pre closures. The administrative charges may apply during the transactions of the loan to the account of the user. The pre closure of the loan happens during the long run of the loan so that the consumer can get enough amounts to pay their debt and they could save some interest.