Smoke Calculator


Smoking Calculator

Have you ever thought that this habit will be this vital to your health? Can’t you help yourself to get rid of this habit? I bet you have seen the synopsis “Smoking Is Injurious To Health” on almost every packet of cigarette you buy every day. There are many people are still smoking even though they know it could cause lung disorders or even cancer. Most probably, smokers wish to quit smoking, but as this habit penetrated into their blood stream, they couldn’t have ending point whatsoever.

Many people would have started this habit by the completion of their friends and many would have fell right into its trap without knowing the intense it could take them. However, once anyone started this series probably there is no ending for its episodes. So if you are newbie in this series help yourself to stop it. Once it’s gone out of your hands it could be lethal.

If you are a pro in this habit, we will help you to get rid of this habit once in for all. Use our guide to quit this habit, which will take place later in this article. To quit smoking habit probably you will need some rightful reasons, our smoking calculator will help you know Why should You Quit Smoking. What are all the benefits you will have once you quit this habit?

Use our smoking calculator to know the money you have wasted on these life-taking cigarettes. I am sure that you have more than enough reasons to quit it.

How to use smoking calculator

Probably you have seen so many calculators while you are surfing the internet. Some may useful for and may be crap. Nevertheless, I can ensure that this calculator will be very much useful to you in your pursuit to quit this habit.

How often you smoke. How much you smoke in a day. With the answers for this question, you can calculate the money you have wasted through smoking.

Once you have entered in to this pretty much useful tool you could see the tabs waiting for your answer.Using some steps listed below.


  1. Enter the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.

  2. To be specific click your gender in the radio button.

  3. Enter the date if you know the exact date when you started to mess your lungs.

  4. Click the square box if you are not sure about the date, our calculator will assume your approximate date.

  5. Have you quitted smoking already, I am happy for you. Click the YES option on the next box.

  6. If you are not, don’t worry surely one day you will. (Click NO)

  7. In the next tab, enter the cost of the brand you smoke for an ideal calculation.

  8. Finally click the calculate button to know the bucks you have wasted in these days.

  9. After this action, our calculator will show the result of the total cigarettes you have smoked in these days along with the monthly, yearly and total sum of money you have spent for this habit.

I am sure that you will get a shock when you came to know the sum of money have wasted already for this. This will tempt you stop this habit. Through that, you could save a huge buck on to your pocket.

However, you could put a full stop to this habit only if you get into to it with full commitment. Therefore, the first step forward in the quitting process is the decision you make after you viewed this result. If you are really desperate to stop this self-destruction then go ahead.

How to quit smoking

Read below to know the simple precautions you could make to get rid of this habit.

Know your self-esteem by avoiding cigarettes. Know how long you could go without them. However, if you often get the urge for the cigarettes then you need to take some serious actions right now.

  • Be stubborn in your decision and throw away all the cigarettes you have in your home.

  • Never visit the spots you often go for smoking.

  • Paste note of I SHOULD NOT SMOKE on the places you often look at. This will help you to be determined in your decision.

  • Use gums that are suggested to avoid smoking.

  • The urge of Nicotine in your blood with tempt you smoke, now a day mild nicotine injectors are available, which could reduce your urge for the smoking cigarettes.

  • Say NO if your friends if they offer a cigarette. Self-control is vital for you to quit smoking whatever. Learn yoga and do meditations to control you body as well as mind.

  • Have a perception of your future without this habit. Often this could motivate you to prolong this action.

  • Don’t miss the cigarettes in your life because your life is way better without that junk.

  • I hope that if you spend days without the cigarettes then you are in half way to reach your primary goal.

  • Don’t use alcohol, this will tempt you to use a cigarettes.

  • Think of the better days you had without these cigarettes, and beware of the disease that could caused by this habit.

  • If you know the effects of this habit, I am sure that you won’t wish to have even one more this.

  • Replace your smoking habit with some healthy habit that would be helpful for your healthy life.

  • Drink healthy fruit drinks and eat healthy food to neutralize damages already done on your body.

My personal advice is that quitting a habit could be breath taking but if you stand firm in your decision you could make it happened. So don’t make excuses on your way with even cigarette. Once you started it then you have to start over again.