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(Hoax) Derober Exclusive: Donald Trump left $10,000 tip for the waiter!

In 1984, Robert Cunningham a police dectective offered a half of the lottery ticket to the waitress named phyllis, this pair won six million with that lottery and shared among them. this is considered as the larggest tip in the world.

Aaroncollins.org owner seth left $500 in restaurants all over the country to fulfill his brothers last wish, as result of donations from the viewers.

Tip Calculator

So, do you tip often when you are in restaurant or in a bar? Dou you know that, there are certain percentages in tipping for the service. However, if you are not satisfied with the service they offered, simply inform the management regarding the bad service. Nevertheless, if you feel it is good then you have to tip for the service. This tip calculator will be useful to estimate the tip amount from your bill amount.

Why you have to tip?

They offer service for us; on the other hand, you have to help those people who will have a poor background and they will have trouble in raising their family. Therefore, it is important to tip them if they provide pretty good service for your money.

Wondering how much to tip?

There are certain criteria’s you have to watch out before you tip for the service. Usually people tip based on the service of the servers, if the service is too good, you could tip up to 20% of your bill amount. If the service is moderate then you can reduce your tip to 15% or less. If you feel the service is ok then tip 10% of your net amount. However, if you are severed late or didn’t have what you want, obviously you’ll get frustrated with the service, in that case you can just move without tipping.

How tip it calculator will be helpful?

Often, we will be a hurry to move, in that case they tip it calculator will be helpful to calculate your tip amount. Usually we have difficulties to split the amount if we have gone in a group. Obviously, we share the net amount with our colleagues or friends; likewise, you could share the tip amount to pay. If you have went in a group of four to eat in your favorite restaurant, you will need a tip calculator to the estimate the split amount for four as well as the tip amount respectively.

You can split the net amount and the tip amount with this calculator.

Enter the amount in the first tab. In addition, the percentage you are planning to tip from your bill. If you are in a group and planning to share your bill, enter the number of people and then you can calculate the split amount for each individual including the net amount and the tip.

Alternate ways to calculate the tips

Mean while, there are other simple ways to estimate the tip amount, when you are out of coverage or locked up without internet connection. You could use some traditional ways to estimate the tip amount from your bill. Consider the bill amount as 80$ then you have to pay 16$ as tip if you are planning tip 20%. Estimate the 10% of your bill and then double it, or add up by cutting it into half to pay 15% of tip from your net amount.

Some time we will receive bill amount 56.75$, so, estimating the tip may be difficult, in that case you could double your tax and pay it as tip.