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Word and Character Count Calculator

You might face some problems while creating a text document like calculating the word or character count. To solve such cases, an online character counter is available in our website “Modern Calculator”. It is named as Word and Character Count Calculator and will help you by acting as a word frequency counter. Anyone can access this online character counter at free of cost and no login or registration will be required.

It is a simple process that you have to just paste the text document of which the character or word count is to be find in the given text box and click on the Calculate button below that. At once, the word count and the character count of the pasted text will be displayed. This online word counter can accept a very large amount of text files and will give an accurate result. Among many other online word counter, this word and character count calculator is being used by most of the people. It is because this word frequency counter calculates both the character and word count at the same time. So you need not to seek for two different calculators for calculating the word and character count.

The functions and working of the online word counter is given below

Working with word and character count calculator is very easy, simple, and convenient.

  1. To get started with this word counter online, you have to click on the link www.moderncalculator.com.

  2. A different set of many online calculators will be displayed on the screen.

  3. In that, choose the Word and Character count calculator option.

  4. A field will appear with a large text box and a button named as Calculate.

  5. To start the process, paste the necessary text document in that text field.

  6. Now click the Calculate button and the result will be displayed in word and character forms.

  7. You can use this word counter online a number of times you want.

This online word counter is very helpful for a person who is working with online jobs such as online essay or article writing. In such cases this word count calculator acts as a best word counter for essays. Most of the online article and essay writers prefer this Word and character count calculator as a word counter for essays as it is very simple, handy and gives accurate results.

More about online character counter

This online character counter posses the capability of accepting any amount of text items and producing an accurate result at instance. Based on the type of user, this Word and character count calculator is used for many purposes in different ways. Such as word frequency counter, online character counter, word counter for essays, word count calculator, and character counter, etc. Some text field that looks complicated to calculate the number of words or characters can be done with the help of this online essay word counter.

This Word and character count calculator is unique from other online word frequency counters, as it calculates both character and word counting. There is no other online word counter available with this unique feature. While writing essays for online articles you may face many problems with keeping a count of words that you have written. The word and character calculator will do that job for you. Some other word count calculators in the online market can also indicate the repetition of words and the number of repetitions in the entered text file. However the most popular online word frequency calculator is the Word and character count calculator.

If you are using MS Word, then you will not require such online word counter as the application itself will shows the count. But in other cases, it is quite difficult to keep counting on the number of words and characters that we entered. The initial types of calculators were designed for calculating simple and scientific mathematical calculations. Later, as the needs and requirements have increased, the online calculators have been transformed into many dimensions. As the need and usage has been increased it has been made globalised by making it as an online application.

However it is at a free of cost and can be accessed by everyone who has an internet connection.